A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles: On Appreciating Yet Not Loving a Book

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Source: Purchased published by Viking Headline Though I appreciated A Gentleman in Moscow on an intellectual level, the formal writing style kept me from being able to connect with it emotionally. In Russia, whatever the endeavor, if the setting is glorious and the tenor grandiose, it will have its adherents. In fact, over the years, as the locations for duels became more picturesque and the pistols more finely manufactured, the best-bred men proved willing to defend their honor over lesser and lesser offenses. So while dueling may have begun as a response to high crimes—to treachery, treason, and adultery—by it had tiptoed down the stairs of reason, until they were being fought over the tilt of a hat, the duration of a glance, or the placement of a comma. This story is a masterpiece of cleverly woven details. And, the ending is like a carefully orchestrated symphony…intricate and surprising, yet every detail making sense.

You deserve a man with so a good deal money that you are up altogether night counting it, instead of conventional person. Her mother taught her this, all along with many things a lady does: crosses legs at the ankles, leaves a little food on her coat, sends thank you notes to hostesses the next day. In a taxi uptown, Magda instructs the driver anywhere to go. She is not absolutely if he hears her, talking arrange his cell phone loudly in a desert language rich with gutturals, after that she is offended by his apparent disregard. She sits back and sees that it is almost spring. She can feel the city lifting as of the dirty melted snow and believes she sees forsythia just becoming ashen in the park. If she were not Magda, she would take the subway up, and walk four blocks. But it is not befitting, along with her dainty shoes.

Reflections of home life with the infrequent diversion elsewhere Wednesday, August 26, Man's and Woman's Best Friend My adore and sorely missed Kylo, caught mid-yawn Photo: Chronica Domus Today is Citizen Dog Day, a day to be a sign of upon man's and woman's best acquaintance. What is it about our downy companions that endear them to us forever? Is it the fact so as to they remain loyal to the all end, offering their fortunate humans a brand of unconditional love rarely en route for be found elsewhere in the beast kingdom? Is it their endless appendage wagging and silly animated faces, before those unexpected lightening fast face licks we adore so much? Could it be we've fallen hard for those sad puppy-eyed stares they have mastered so very, very well while beseeching for table scraps or an above treat? Whatever it is that makes us go all goo-goo eyed above our faithful canine companions, take a moment to celebrate our best friends.