Friends with Benefits Movie Quotes – ‘I’m done with the relationship thing.’

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The longer answer is that if that arrangement is what both parties are looking for — great. But like I said before, in order to be in a healthy and stable fwb friends with benefits arrangement, you need the right mindset. Your mindset is going to be what guards you from having a light, fun, carefree fwb arrangement turn into a messy, awful, drama filled toxic relationship disaster. These rules are specifically targeted towards keeping your mindset right — and keeping your fwb arrangement positive and happy. The goal is that if you had to end the fwb arrangement tomorrow — you could comfortably never have to see this person again. Or run into them somewhere that you go often. Another positive to keeping your fwb purely sexual and outside your social circle is that you never have to worry about them talking to someone you know — which means you can be more uninhibited and judgement free with them.

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