At Last the Perfect Hiking Pants for Curvy Women

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A trip to the REI dressing room with potential options typically ends one of three ways: with too-baggy bottoms that make me look like a dad on vacation; with yet another pair of restrictive, sweat-trapping leggings; or with lots of tears and empty-handed. One of my too-tight pairs of pants tore right down the butt seam on day two of a five-day backpacking trip. While I appreciated the extra ventilation, the location was less than ideal. On another occasion, my ultra-baggy, too-long pair ripped along the hem, caught on my boot, and sent me tumbling face-first into a tree. I had resigned myself to languish in the often pocketless, less breathable, beltloop-less, skintight world of leggings forever. I audibly gasped when I was able to pull them over my thighs, then full-on whooped when I looked in the mirror. No stuffed-sausage effect.

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