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But does that stop us from mindlessly scrolling for asses under a gallery wall of Live, Laugh, Love with avo toast in hand? Nay, I say unto thee. But how can you blame us? With so many new influencers, fitness models, body-positive activists, butt selfies are the damn best. The body-positive influencer and all-around inspiring human reminds us all that booties are perfect just the way they are no matter how much or how little you get after le gains in the gym. Rise and Grind!

After that yet, men are attracted to behinds for procreative reasons. As biopsychologist Dr. Gordon G. Gallup, Jr. That advanced that. But t we couldn't advantage wondering: Since men don't usually bang out babies, what's the possible controlled reason for women thinking a guy's butt is cute, as some of us have been informed by our significant others when we try arrange a new pair of boxer-briefs? We googled around the interwebs, and bring into being Well, nothing aside from NSFW pics and nonscientific comment forums. Take it away, Yahoo Answers :.

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