The groom whose lie led to an FBI investigation

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While Snowden feels justified in what he did six years ago, he told the Guardian he was reconciled to being in Russia for years to come and was planning for his future on that basis. He reveals he secretly married his partner, Lindsay Mills, two years ago in a Russian courthouse. While he would rather be in the US or somewhere like Germany, he is relaxed in Russia, now able to lead a more or less normal daily life. He is less fearful than when he first arrived inwhen he felt lonely, isolated and paranoid that he could be targeted in the streets by US agents seeking retribution. They did not care whether I went away to prison. They did not care whether I went away into the ground. He has dispensed with the scarves, hats and coats he once used as disguises and now moves freely around the city, riding the metro, visiting art galleries or the ballet, joining friends in cafes and restaurants. The front page of the Guardian on 7 June Permanent Record, which is being published on Tuesday in more than 20 countries, charts the shift that took him from working deep inside the NSA and the CIA to Hong Kong, where he handed over a cache of classified documents to journalists from the Guardian. The documents revealed the scale of mass surveillance by the US, UK and their allies.

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