40 Ways to say SEX: Synonyms Slang and Collocations : EXPLICIT

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Have sex is by far the most common and appropriate term to use. Sleep with is a very appropriate term because it is so ambiguous. Have an affair is another synonym for sex that usually implies that it is outside of your relationship that is, you are in a relationship and you have sex with someone other than your partner. Have relations is a less common way of saying sleep with. Fornicate is a funny, yet formal way to say sex. Have coitus rare 9. Copulate Mate is a term that you can use, but it usually refers to animals other than humans. You might hear it used in a biology class Note: mate as a noun also means friend, and common collocations are roommate, flatmate, classmate, and workmate.

Add together a comment 7 Dude, as a colloquial term of address, is gender-neutral. It's also somewhat familiar. That tells me dude is rather common, comparatively. The people who thought Stewart was being too familiar were largely older, or more formal generally, or all the rage the press and found it a breach of etiquette.

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