13 Things to Know About Vaginal Taste

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It could be caused by something like vaginal dryness or chemical irritants, such as the ones found in scented soaps. Itching can also be the result of a yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis, a sexually transmitted infection STIor something else. There are many home remedies for an itchy vagina, but the remedy you choose will depend on the cause of the itch. If the itch is on the skin around the vagina, it could be caused by eczema or another skin condition.

Abuse your fingers or a clean washcloth to spread your labia apart. This will keep dead skin cells, absolution , and other dried bodily fluids from building up in the nooks and crannies of your vulva, Watson explains. This white, gooey buildup is typically the culprit if your vagina smells or tastes mustier than accustomed. And research shows that vulva owners who wear breathable skivvies have bring down rates of BV compared to those who wear underwear made of artificial materials.

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