Milwaukee-area toy store owners recommend holiday toys for all genders

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Independent toy store owners around Milwaukee say they already steer away from gender-based marketing of their toys. Both Maria Luther, of The Smiley Barn in Delafield, and Natasha Loos of Cedarburg Toy Companysay the lack of girl aisles and boy aisles in their stores goes a long way to encouraging kids to gravitate toward the toys they're interested in without thinking about what gender the toys are typically marketed toward. Loos said gendering of toys often comes more from the adults than the kids. Toniebox According to Poulson, the Toniebox is kind of like an update on a boom box that allows toddlers to put characters on top of it that will then play a story or song associated with that figure. Some of the stories and characters are licensed, such as Mickey Mouse and Paw Patrol, but there are some more generic figures as well. Luther said there are figures that allow people like grandparents to use an app to record themselves reading a story or singing a song for children to listen to. Poulson also pointed out the numerous features that make the toy toddler-friendly. Or that they would like to have at home.

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