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Mademe Zeroni sis Zero Hector Zeroni 's great-great-great-grandmother. Madame Zeroni was the woman who cursed Elya Yelnats and his family line. She was portrayed by the late Eartha Kitt. Elya asked her help in wooing the empty-headed but beautiful Myra Menke. In summary, the bargain was that if Madame Zeroni would give Elya a pig so he could offer it as dowry for Myra's hand in marriage, to compete with a rival suitor, Igor Barkov 's fattest pig. Elya was to carry the pig up the mountain, sing to it If Only, If Only as it drank from the uphill-flowing stream, so it would get big and strong, and that Elya himself would grow stronger from carrying the pig up the mountain. After Elya was to present Morris Menke with the pig, he would return to Madame Zeroni, carry her up the mountain, and sing the If Only song to her as she drank, so she would get strong, too. Elya was happy to do so, since Madame Zeroni was a friend, and not in the best of health.

I finally got a motorcycle! My actual own, just like I've been dreaming about! I've been on cloud nine all morning. So, why don't we take our motorcycles for a angle out to Okina after school?

She wouldn't! Neither should you. My delicate chillness journey began, as personal journeys so often do, shortly after academy. I started really liking a chap a lot for the first age basically ever, which I was not good at. Have you ever seen those Bonsai cats on the Internet? It felt like that.