What is a Woman of God?

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The people there were friendly, but they were weak and frail in appearance and slow in their movements. As she was preparing her meal, however, one of the villagers invited the woman to come to have dinner with his family and to stay the night in their home. There, she met his wife and his two children, a girl and a boy. Like the other people she had seen in the village, the family members were all thin and frail. She had expected a poor fare, something that reflected their feeble stature. Instead, the meal they served appeared to be robust and sumptuous.

Can you repeat that? is a Woman of God? How can you and I become a woman of God? What makes a woman beautiful in God's eyes? How can we make choices that arrange us so God can impassion our hearts toward Him? Consider these three ways to become a woman of God: 1. Our part is en route for stop and acknowledge God along the way, and His part is en route for direct our paths. Let me allocate an example. I wake up after that the day begins. As I blithely go about the business of animation, a crisis suddenly arises.